Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The courage to be yourself !

We live in a world of obsessive gravity, around the idea of success, around the idea of perfection, in which the idea of being ourselves, of accepting our vulnerabilities is almost undesirable.
Perhaps by continually trying to cancel our imperfections and erase our emotions, we feel stronger and better attached to the orbit of success, succeeding in our imagination to become like the gods, but at the same time removing ourselves from what is natural and human in us.
Paradoxically, however, you can possess the most coveted and meritorious talents, you can do anything, you can build a whole world, but if you can not forgive, love and suffer, showing the world that you are vulnerable. If you don´t know what it is like to miss someone, or something, you're nothing.
And, even if it sounds weird, but without the courage to be imperfect we will always be deprived of the sense of balance, we will be deprived of the mirage and emotion that only the unpredictability can give us.
Our deep humanity is defined, precisely by this virtue of vulnerability, very rarely lately, a vulnerability that has the potential to transform us when it manifests itself freely.Not only the joys, but also the sadness , make us people so beautiful. Believing that honestly expressed emotions, hurt us, by being attackable is foolish...a madness!


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